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For May 1, 2001

PTA Meeting Agenda
May 1, 2001

Approval of Minutes:            Hilary Gerson-Phillips
Treasurer's Report:            Mary Bevis
Principal's Report:            Rob Hindman
Teacher's Report:            
Special Guest:    Ena Bentley, SAC presentation  
Thanks to Helena Peterson for school pictures done cheerfully, despite the rainy day!  Thanks to Hilary Gerson-Phillips who celebrates teacher and staff birthdays with a PTA gift each month.  Thanks to Cressida McKean for our hugely successful April 17th outreach get together with Taylor Hispanic Families.  Thanks to all of you who responded with appreciation to our great teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Finally, thanks to Laura Anastos for the successful completion of the Foreign Language before school program.

Committee Review:            Taylor Web Site (Stephanie Sampson)
Committee Reports:             Spring Fair (Carol Arnold)
        Results of Parent Outreach (Cressida McKean)    
                    Schoolyard Garden (Heather Wicke-Hurley)
                    Parent Education (Anne Reynolds) re: Homework Survey

Committee Formation for        Please plan to attend the May meeting if you chaired/co-
2001-2001:                chaired ANY committee in 2000-2001.  
PTA Roundtable:    Safeguarding the "D" Generation (Hadley Messner)       

June 5, 2001 Highlights - Please plan to attend!
PTA Achievements 2000-2001
Adieu to Graduating Parents
Special Guest: Former Teacher of the Year and all around favorite AND retiring teacher:  Janice Bumgarmer, Come say goodbye and try not to cry!
Welcome New Officers
Celebrate the end of the Year and thanks to our volunteers with cake and soft drinks.

PTA Meeting March 6, 2001

Presidents' Report
The meeting was called to order by Pam McClellan and Peggy Hinkle (PTA-Co-Presidents). The February meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer's Report
Mary Bevis, PTA Treasurer, reviewed the budget and reported that the check for the Channel 4 Weatherstation has been mailed.

Principal's Report
Mr. Hindman recently accepted an award for the school being accredited for 25 years. The process for accredidation for schools, also known as school renewal, will take place on March 19 & 20. A site visit by a committee of peers will take place at this time. Teachers, parents and students will be interviewed. Business will take place "as usual". A report will be presented by the committee to the faculty. Mrs. Bumgarner and Ms. Fagliarone are the faculty chairs for this committee. They have been preparing for this visit for several years.

An SOL remediation program has started to help students get prepared for the Language Arts and Math SOLs.

Parent-Teacher conferences were held on March 8 & 9.

Thank you on behalf of the school staff for the teacher appreciation luncheon.

Thank you also to the Ice Cream Social committee, it was a great success.

Test dates for the SOLs writing test for 5th grade will be held on March 6 & 7.

Kindergarten teacher, Rod Baer, has been out sick for a week. His conferences will be re-scheduled.

11 schools in Arlington are going through the renewal process this year.

Michael Yuhas (a 2nd grader) performed his winning Reflections piece for the PTA meeting.

Teacher's Report - No teacher¹s report this month.

Guest Speaker
Kathleen Grove, Assistant Superintendant for Schools - reviewed the standards of accreditation.

Committee Wrap-up
No Frill Fundraiser - begins March 7 and ends on March 30.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.