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Previous Months' Minutes
For December 4, 2001
Presidents' Report
The meeting was called to order by Peggy Hinkle (PTA-Co-President) and Heather Wicke-Hurley (PTA-Vice President). The November PTA meeting minutes were approved.

Thank Yous
Kendra Burlingame - Reflections - 105 entries
Betsy Stark - Book Fair - net $3,000

Treasurer's Report
The SCA receives a set amount from the profits from the school store sales. The SCA would like to know if they can receive a percentage from school store sales instead of the set amount. The funds the SCA receives are used for charity and items for the school.

There is a holiday luncheon for the school staff.  Parent volunteers are needed to answer the phones in the office.

Principal's Report
   Mr. Hindman thanked the PTA for a busy month, the outdoor education project is moving forward as well as a variety of activities that took place during November. Quite a bit of money has been raised so far during this school year. The school ice cream social is coming up in January (January 25) - this event includes a performance by the 5th grade dance team.
   School Boundary Changes - an initial meeting will take place in January; many proposals are being discussed; the implementation date would be for Fall 2003 - Mr. Hindman will keep the school families informed.
   Crossing guard at Military Road - the crossing guard may be removed from the Military Road school crossing as a result of a shortage of crossing guards. [Discussion took place during the meeting about the safety of the streets near the school]
   Taylor School received a Certificate of Honor from the History Channel and received $200 worth of videotapes in a program called History Alive.
   Instructional Priorities - handout was distributed

Presentation on Bullying - presentation was made by Jinnie DiTrani (Taylor School Guidance Counselor) and Annie Peters-Farschon (Assistant Guidance Counselor - Taylor School)

The meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.

For November 6, 2001
Presidents' Report

The meeting was called to order by Pam Gavin and Peggy Hinkle (PTA-Co-Presidents). The October 2 PTA meeting minutes were approved.

   Middle School Orientation night will be held on November 14 at W-L Auditorium at 7pm.
   Thank Yous to - Rhonda & Heather (Teacher appreciation luncheon), Kendra (Reflections), Kathy (Pride), Kris (Directory), Maria (Tattler), Lynn, Deborah & Betsy (Bake Sale), SCA elections volunteers (Heather)

Principal's Report
   Mr. Hindman thanked the PTA for organizing the teacher luncheon - it was very well received during parent-teacher conferences. Election day was also very successful with the SCA elections. Catelyn Campbell - President; Hunter Slade - Vice President; Ben Earley - Secretary; Alex Valera - Treasurer. Kathy Hagar¹s contributions for Taylor Pride have have been appreciated by everyone at Taylor School.
   Mr. Hindman is recommending bringing in speakers from Arlington Partnership for Youth to talk about High-Risk Behavior.
   In February/March there will be a middle school talk on transitional issues.
   Standord 9 scores will be out before winter vacation; PAL scores (K-3) will be available very soon; DRP scores for 4th grade are in.

Committee Reports
   ACI - committees were reviewed
   Book Fair - date has been changed to November 26-30, Family Night will be held on November 27.
   Community Service - Walk for the Homeless will be held on October 3, extended day students are invited to participate in the walk.
   County Council - Better student-teacher relations to be discussed
   Fall Fundraiser - $23,711 gross; $11,855 net; top sellers were the 5th grade classes and 3rd grade came in very close behind the 5th grade. Thursday the gift wrap will be distributed.
   Junior Great Books - 2 volunteers took the leader training course in October, more trained leaders are still needed.
   Outdoor Education = Heather Wicke Hurley - Co-Chair
   Reflections - 109 entries, Awards night will be held on November 29.
   School Pictures went very well this year.
   Tattler - Maria has collected payments from all of the vendors who advertise in the newsletter.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.

For October 2, 2001
Presidents' Report
The meeting was called to order by Pam Gavin and Peggy Hinkle (PTA-Co-Presidents).

   Sunday, October 7 - Day of Remembrance & Appreciation at W-L to remember those in Arlington¹s Police & Firefighters for all their efforts due to the events of Sept. 11
   Back to School Night - General Meeting at 7 pm prior to parents attending information sessions in all grade levels.
   County Council of PTA's - Child & Family Services meeting from 6-8pm at 3033 Wilson Blvd.; phone number is 703-228-6061
   The September meeting minutes were approved.
   The budget will be approved at the general membership meeting on Back-To-School Night.
   Thank yous were given to:
Linda Kole - School calendar
Elizabeth Pigg - Volunteer Coordinator
Maria Meredith - Tattler
Kathy Hagar - Taylor Pride
Laura Anastos - School Supplies & Foreign Language Program
Mary Yuhas - Box Tops Program
Pam Gavin - Gift Wrap Fundraiser

Principal's Report
Parent volunteers are working out well throughout the school.

Sept. 11 - The students at Taylor were well prepared after the fact. There were signs of anxiety and frustration but the staff has had some training on how to deal with these issues. Arlington County Public Schools are well trained for emergencies. There are several levels of response at Taylor - through the Principal, Assistant Principal, School Guidance Counselor and others. As a result of the disaster there are budget implications which will affect the county schools. It was reported that none of the Taylor school families were directly involved with the Sept. 11 disaster.

Funds have been set aside for a new PA system - re-wiring and microphones are needed.

Committee Reports
   Marion Klymkowsky - Community Service - donations being made to an organization in Staten Island, NY; non-perishable food items will be collected at Back-To-School Night
   Mary Yuhas - After School Enrichment - classes are all full; the chair is open to ideas
   Helena Peterson - School Pictures - October 23rd
   Hilary Phillips & Ruth Sagar - Junior Great Books - only two volunteers took the leader training course
   Betsy Stark & Peggy Hinkle - Book Fair - DATE CHANGE: November 26-29
   Pam Gavin - Gift Wrap - $4-5,000 gross, $2,500 net, $8,000 more to be raised; deadline for orders has been extended; volunteers are needed for gift wrap distribution
   County Council of PTAs - next meeting on Oct. 16 from 7-9pm at the VA Hospital Center - the 2001 Youth at Risk Asset Survey has been completed, this was a county wide survey; on Oct. 15 at the County Council Meeting a Teacher/Student Initiative was discussed by school board memebers - items discussed - Discipline, Search & Seizure and Transportation; Advisory Council on Instruction - the following items will be discussed - math, health & physical education, language arts/english, pre-school initiatives in South Arlington.
The VA PTA Legislative Proposals - the following votes were taken by the Taylor PTA to amend the VA PTA/PTSA code on:
--Character Education (community service participation) - 6 For, 1 Against, 3 Abstentions
--SOL Assessment - 10 For, 0 Against, 0 Abstentions

The Halloween Parade will be held on October 30 this year.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.

For September 6, 2001
Presidents' Report
The meeting was called to order by Pam Gavin and Peggy Hinkle (PTA-Co-Presidents). The June meeting minutes were approved. The PTA Presidents, Officers and all those present at the meeting were asked to introduce themselves at the first PTA meeting of the 2001-2002 school year.

Thank yous were given to:
   Kathy Hagar and Debbie Taylor for decorating the school lobby, putting up the bulletin boards and putting the paw prints on the floor.
   Maria Meredith for taking over the Tattler.
   PTA Officers for organizing the Welcome Back Breakfast for the school staff.
   Laura Anastos for organizing the school supplies.
   Elizabeth Pigg for acting as the volunteer coordinator.
   For all those volunteers who helped meet and greet students and parents on the first day of school.

Principal's Report
The Montessori classroom was built over the summer. Rose Avent is the Montessori teacher (Rose is a former Arlington Teacher of the Year). The Montessori program is for 3-5 year olds.

Summer school was held at Taylor this year and was very successful.

Enrollment at Taylor is currently at 560 students, which is below the projected count. There were more moves/transfers out of the school district than anticipated. However, there are many new students at Taylor as well as a lot of new staff.

The school bus arrival is still a problem, but the timing should get straightened out soon.

Thank you to everyone who helped get the school ready for the first day.

Reminder - school starts at 9:00 a.m. Many students are arriving late. Please remember to get students to school by 8:50am.

Teacher support - Arlington County Public Schools have a budget to assist teachers with additional costs that are incurred. All staff are instructed to discuss financial needs with Mr. Hindman, not with the PTA.

Assistant Principal/Testing Coordinator's Report
Dr. Grinder discussed the various tests that will be given throughout this school year.
   Kindergarten as well as grades 1, 2 & 3 will take the PALS test (Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening). This test will be given between now and mid-October.
   In the spring there will be a word recognition test for Grades 1, 2 & 3. These tests indicate the children¹s progress in school throughout the year.
   The Stanford 9 is given to the 4th grade from Sept. 24-Oct. 3. The scores will either come home in the students' report cards or will be mailed home.
   The DRP (Degrees of Reading Power) will be given to 2nd & 4th graders. 4th grade will take the test on Oct. 4.
   SOL tests are given to 3rd, 4th & 5th graders.

If any parents have questions about these tests they can talk to the students¹ teacher, Mrs. DiTrani, Dr. Grinder or Mr. Hindman.

Committee Reports
Marion Klymkowsky - Community Service
Laura Anastos - Foreign Language
Mary Yuhas - After School Enrichment
Laura Anastos - School Supplies - 460 packets were put together, all other school supplies are available in the school store
Helena Peterson - School Pictures - October 23rd
Hilary Phillips & Ruth Sagar - Junior Great Books - in need of volunteers to go thru the 2 day leader training course.  The program is like a book club, discussions take place during language arts classes once a week; short stories are read and discussed by students in a small group setting
Betsy Stark & Peggy Hinkle - Book Fair - November 12
Kendra Burlingame - Reflections - "I Hold In My Hand.."
Pam Gavin - Gift Wrap

New Business
As required by PTA rules at the beginning of every school year the board must define a quorum of officers for voting on issues presented throughout the year. A quorum of 5 was called for and approved.

Treasurer's Report
Mary Bevis, PTA Treasurer went over the budget, reviewed various line items - a computer projector and new PA system need to be purchased for the school.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.

For June 7, 2001
Presidents' Report
The meeting was called to order by Pam McClellan and Peggy Hinkle (PTA-Co-Presidents). The May meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer's Report
The Spring No Frills Fundraiser funds were given to the school. All school related activities raised funds for the school this year. The school t-shirt sales made $1,400; 600 shirts were ordered.

Principal's Report
Everyone was thanked again for everything they did for the school.
   Fall projections are for a total of 560 children, K-5; 580 with the Montessori children included in the count.
   Mr. Hindman recounted what outstanding staff accomplishments had been made over the year - Helen Malone as Gift-Talented Teacher of the Year, Francisca Jorgensen a Fulbright Scholar, Rod Baer given the Agnes Meyer Award.
   The school was given full SOL accreditation and has been accredited for 25 years.
   The Remediation Program was very successful and Mr. Hindman is looking forward to having a similar program again in the coming school year.
   A new program is being discussed in the form of an outdoor education program to integrate science and social studies.
   Changes are being made to the Arlington County Public School Homework Policy.
   There will be new arrival and dismissal times for Taylor - 9:00am arrival, 3:35pm dismissal, 1:35pm Early Release.
   The Montessori Program will be held at Taylor School for 3-year-olds.
   Other programs which will be held throughout the year include Character Education and Hispanic Outreach.

Special Presentation
David French, YMCA Camp Director - gave a presentation on their summer camp programs.

A special thank you was made to the parents of 5th graders who are graduating as well as to retiring 5th grade teacher Janice Bumgarner for her many years as a dedicated teacher at Taylor School.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10pm.