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October 19
Our agenda today included lectures on various curricula areas taught in Japanese schools and at different grade level.  Initially we reported to our corresponding grade division (Elementary, Junior or High School), then we reported to our corresponding curricula area (Math/Science, English/ESL, Social Sciences, or The Arts). During these initial round-table discussions, we were asked to formulate questions that we would later ask during our final panel discussion.

Our panelists included :
   Dr. Kazuo Ishizaka, Professor at Gifu Shotokugakuen University
   Dr. Suzuko Nishihara, Professor at the Tokyo Women's Christian University
   Mrs. Evelyn Sasamoto, an American resident of Tokyo

At this lecture and panel discussion, we were given a final and comprehensive view of the Japanese Educational System and the need for modern reform.  
Included in the agenda for reform are the following items -
   Emphasize individuality in education, acknowledge Multiple Intelligences
   Emphasize life-long learning as a goal
   Change the current methods teaching and evaluation so that students are more interested in learning
   Emphasize global education
   Emphasize informational technology
   Reduce the current curriculum by 30%