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October 5

The Japanese Government shared with us some of their finest ambassadors today.  
Representatives from several prominent institutions and government offices provided us lectures on current trends and situations in Japan.
I found that I was awed by the honest interpretation and delivery of today's lecturers, and left this day-long experience with a deep admiration for the vision of modern reform in Japan's Educational System.

Included in our lectures today were :
   Dr. Tsutomu Kumura, President of the National Institution for Academic Degree and Chairman of the Central Council on Education, Second Sub-Committee
   Dr. Takahiro Miyao of GLOCOM, International University of Japan
   Dr. Yuji Tsushima of the Diet (House of Representatives)
   Dr. Yoshio Terasawa, Chairman of Lone Star Japan Acquisitions, Incorporated
   Dr. Hiroya Ichikawa, Chief Professor of the Faculty of Comparative Culture at Sophia University
   Representative from the International Foundation for the Promotion of Foreign Language and Culture